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29 March 2018 | Thursday, 8pm

Katsuya Yuasa (clarinet) & Sakurako Kanemitsu (piano) - Mu Phi Epsilon Recital

Venue: Capistrano Concert Hall, CSUS - Sacramento, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: click here

Sakurako and Katsuya will premiere my duo version of Für Arvo, a tribute to the Estonian master Arvo Pärt and his compositional techniques. They will also perform dazzling works by Debussy, Muczysnki, Templeton, and others.

30 April 2018 | Monday, 9am

Stairwell Music

Venue: The UC Davis Library - Davis, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: Facebook event here

Inspired by the resonant acoustic space of the library stairwell, this work blurs the line between audience and performer, encouraging all participants to be both, and appreciate the beauty of "ordinary" sounds around them. It is part of a series at UC Davis called "Music for Concrete," which utilizes resonant acoustic spaces. Stay tuned for details. 

10 May 2018 | Thursday, noon

Brooklyn Art Song Society (BASS) - Thursday at Noon Series

Venue: Pitzer Center, UC Davis - Davis, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: click here

Charlotte Mundy (soprano), Zach Finkelstein (tenor), Micheal Brofman and Miori Sugiyama (pianists) will premiere my "tiny unstaged opera-song," Moon, Bride, Dogs: an opera-song, composed in collaboration with writer Cristina Fries. The program will feature works by other UCD grad composers as well, all in collaboration with authors from the Creative Writing program. 

20 May 2018 | Sunday, 3pm

Empyrean Ensemble - Graduate Student Works

Venue: Pitzer Center, UC Davis - Davis, California

Admission: $10 students / $20 adults

Tickets/Info: click here

Empyrean premieres my newly composed Night Walk, inspired by wind chimes and the mystery of night time. The program will feature premieres by other graduate students as well. At 2:15 there will be a pre-concert talk with Mika Pelo, where we composers will attempt to explain our music. 

25 May 2018 | Friday, 5pm 

UC Davis Percussion Concert 

Venue: Pitzer Center, UC Davis - Davis, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: click here

My new piece, Two Pieces in Variable Order for Solo Percussion, will be premiered by the amazing Chris Froh, along with works by Phil Acimovic and Jonathan Favero.

27 May 2018 | Sunday, 5pm 

Ivana's House Concert 

Venue: Ivana's House - Kitchener, Ontario (Canada)

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: click here

Pianist, composer, and improviser Maria Kouznetsova premieres my semi-improvisatory piece Echoes (2017) at a joint concert with soprano Ivana Jokic. The piece was created in collaboration with Maria. 

31 May 2018 | Thursday evening

UC Davis Arts & Humanities Graduate Exhibition

Venue: Manneti Shrem Museum, UC Davis - Davis, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: click here

As part of the UCD Graduate Exhibition I will perform three of my piano works: Droplets (2013), Für Arvo (2017), & Echoes (2017).

23 June 2018 | Saturday, 2pm

Iditarod Marathon Concert, @
Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP)

Venue: Brown Hall at New England Conservatory - Boston, Massachusetts

Admission: TBA

Tickets/Info: http://sicpp.org/concerts/ 

My work for violin, clarinet, and percussion, Mists and Sparkswill be performed by Stephanie Skor (violin) Ellia Foster (clarinet), an and Yudong Wang (percussion), along with a number of new works and 20th Century classics. 

23 Sep 2018 | Sunday, 4pm 

Landscape Music: Rivers and Trails Performance

Venue: Empress Theatre (330 Virginia St.) - Vallejo, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: https://visionsofthewild.org/event/landscape-music-rivers-trails/

In this concert of World Premieres celebrating our national trails and rivers. Citywater, a premier chamber ensemble dedicated to contemporary classical music, performs new works by a collective of accomplished composers from across the country who write music inspired by landscape, nature, and place. Featuring music by Oliver Caplan, Linda Chase, Nell Shaw Cohen, Ben Cosgrove, Libby Meyer, Rachel Panitch, Christina Rusnak, and Ryan Suleiman (Under Moonlight, performed by pianist Jennifer Reason), this program is part of a nationwide initiative coordinated by the Landscape Music Composers Network to commemorate the 50th Anniversaries of the National Trails System Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act through the creation and presentation of new music.

There will be a reception in the lounge after the concert (free food, cash bar).

Landscape Music Composers Network: http://landscapemusic.org/composers-network
Citywater: https://www.citywatermusic.com

24 Oct 2018 | Wednesday, 7pm 

Percussion Studio Recital, Sacramento State

Venue: Capistrano Hall rm 151, CSUS - Sacramento, California

Admission: FREE

Adam Davis performs my piece Animato misterioso in a performance which will include other percussion students at Sacramento State. 

1 Nov 2018 | Thursday, noon 

Ensemble Dal Niente - Thursday at Noon Series

Venue: Pitzer Center, UC Davis - Davis, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: http://arts.ucdavis.edu/event/ensemble-dal-niente-0 

decketh joy, water destroya setting of the poem "Water" by Ralph Waldo Emerson for soprano and chamber ensemble will be premiered by Dal Niente, along with new works by Addie Camsuzou, Josiah Catalan, Daniel Godsil, and Aida Shirazi. The Emerson setting deals with the beauty of water in our lives and the implications of climate change and sea-level rise. 

3 Nov 2018 | Saturday, 3pm 

Percussion Duo - FeNAM

Venue: Capistrano Hall rm 151, CSUS - Sacramento, California

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Info: http://calendar.csus.edu/MasterCalendar/EventDetails.aspx?EventDetailId=389143

Adam Davis performs my piece Animato misterioso in a joint recital with Boyce Jeffries featuring Sac State alumni. 


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