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Private Lessons in:



music theory

Contact Ryan for a trial lesson today in-person* (East Somerville, MA) or online via video-call (anywhere).

Ryan Suleiman offers private lessons in composition, arranging, and music theory in person (East Somerville, MA) and via Zoom (anywhere). He completed his Ph.D. in Music Composition/Theory at University of California, Davis, and has many years of experience as a professional composer/arranger. He has collaborated with renowned ensembles throughout the United States on music for orchestra, opera, chamber ensemble, soloists, dancers, and even puppets. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Composition at Berklee College of Music and teachers at Boston Conservatory's High School Composition Intensive in the summer.


In addition to teaching privately for over ten years and joining the faculty at Berklee, he has held positions at Sacramento State School of Music and University of California, Davis. He has also helped students prepare for their theory exams in programs such as AP and Certificate of Merit (Music Teachers Association of California).


Ryan's aim as a teacher is to help his students become the best version of their artistic selves and open them up to new possibilities, whether they see music as a rewarding pastime, a possible career, or something in between. Perhaps most importantly, he wants them have fun and learn about themselves in the process. Any style is welcome, and to that Ryan loves helping students explore and expand their own interests. Feel free to get in touch for any questions and/or to schedule a trial lesson.

S T A N D A R D    R A T E S

  • 45 Minutes - $64 per lesson*

  • One Hour - $85 per lesson*

*Ryan is fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19

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