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Private Lessons in:

  • composition

  • music theory

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S t u d i o    P o l i c y

Music is a fun, rewarding, and exciting creative experience that requires time, patience, and hard work. In my studio, lessons are an interactive process - I help the student achieve their unique musical goals, and the student puts in the work and focus to help get to those goals. 



The whole month's lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the month (i.e. the first lesson of each month). Cash or check is accepted; please make checks out to Ryan Suleiman. 


Books: Books purchased for the student are expected to be paid back in full.


Cancellation Policy: If student misses or cancels a lesson, the lesson fee will not be refunded, but they can reschedule the lesson for a later date within that month. Except in the case of illness or medical emergencies, a 24-hour notice of cancelation is required in order schedule a make-up lesson.


Paid lessons remaining: if study is terminated mid month, the full term lesson fee is not refunded. Students should provide one month's notice before instruction cancellation.


S T A N D A R D    M O N T H L Y    R A T E S

(average 4 lessons per month)


In-Studio (located off Fulton and El Camino):

  • Half Hour - $120 per month ($30 per lesson)

  • 45 Minutes - $180 per month ($45 per lesson)

  • One Hour - $240 per month ($60 per lesson)

M I S S E D    L E S S O N S

Students: If a student misses a lesson, there is a possibility to reschedule and make-up that lesson, ideally in that same week. As stated above, a 24-hour notice is required except in the case of illness or other emergencies.


Teacher: If I am not able to teach for whatever reason, I will provide more than 24-hour’s notice and reschedule students to have a make-up lesson or have lesson fees credited to the next month.


Holidays: No lessons occur during major holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Holiday, and Easter. In the summer, I may take a few weeks to attend music festivals or go on long trips. No lesson fees will be charged on those months. If you require a substitute teacher, please let me know.


I N S T R U C T O R    E X P E C T A T I O N S  /  R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S

Daily practice/discipline is definitely the key to progress. I encourage and expect students to have a strong commitment to practicing or composing on a regular basis. Like learning a new language, practicing just a little bit on a daily basis goes much farther than, say, practicing for two or three hours just once or twice in a week. Parental support for younger students is very important!


I would recommend practicing or composing at least 20 to 30 minutes every day.


Practice location should allow the student total uninterrupted concentration. Parents, think of practice like doing homework; requires the same amount of concentration. Adults and older students: turn off or silence cell phones while practicing or composing!


For piano students: Each student needs to have access to an acceptable piano (or a high quality electric piano with weighted keys) with 88 keys and damper pedal.

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