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Two Pieces in Variable Order for Solo Percussion (2018)


ca. 14' 

movements may be programmed separately 


You are either about to hear Two Pieces in Variable Order for Solo Percussion, or just one of those two pieces by itself. If you’re hearing the “full” version, the movements are played attacca, or seamlessly without any pause. The performer decides the order, either by personal preference or by chance. The movements both refer to each other, but may also be programmed separately as “stand-alone” pieces. The piece was written for the percussionist extraordinaire Chris Froh, whose close collaboration was essential to the composition process – many thanks to Chris! 


*Instruments required

4 hanging wind gongs

4 dampened metals

4 toms

4 triangles



Inst. not needed in the slow movement:

all the dampened metals

2 of the toms



Inst. not needed in the fast movement:

all but the lowest of the hanging gongs



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