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Flying (2016)

for marimba solo

ca. 10'

Suleiman: FlyingTyler Tsunekawa, marimba
00:00 / 09:52


The opening of Flying is a study of things in motion that also seem to stay in place. The musical figures hover for a few moments then move to another area, like a flock of birds, always in motion. Gradually the music expands, emphasizing an interplay between sound and silence. In the lower register of the marimba, the tenth partial of the overtone series (three octaves plus a major third) is quite prominent. This interesting phenomenon plays a role in the expansive section, though it is not central to the piece. The higher partial notes seem to emerge from the lower notes, which gradually descend to the bottom of the instrument.


Flying was commissioned by Tyler Tsunekawa along with three other pieces by Addie Camsuzou, Josiah Catalan, and Nick Micheels, as part of a GoFundMe Project. My deepest and humblest thanks to those who contributed and to Tyler for his collaboration. (R.S.)

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