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decketh joy, water destroy (2018)

for soprano* & chamber ensemble OR

for soprano* & piano

ca. 10'

Singer + Chamber Ensemble: begins at [1:15]

Score: $15 

Parts: $5 

Score + Parts: $18

*any gender or voice-type is welcome to sing this piece - feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to make adjustments. 

Instrumentation (chamber ensemble): 



B-flat clarinet



double bass

percussion: bass drum, suspended cymbal, triangle, vibes, crotales (only lower octave), pitched gongs (only C4, G4, B4)

Singer + Piano



Water has always fascinated artists. It mesmerizes through the intrinsic beauty of its physicality and its complex relationship with us humans. In our own time, we can be awestruck by its beauty and cognizant of the destruction it increasingly brings in this century, each year more than the last. The text is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem, “Water”:


The water understands

Civilization well;

It wets my foot, but prettily,

It chills my life, but wittily,

It is not disconcerted,

It is not broken-hearted:

Well used, it decketh joy,

Adorneth, doubleth joy:

Ill used, it will destroy,

In perfect time and measure

With a face of golden pleasure

Elegantly destroy. 

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