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Thought Bubbles (2018)

for string quartet

ca. 10'

I. Prelude

II. Skies of Smoke - in memoriam

III. Mosaic no. 8 - Yuka Yamane

IV. Breezes 

V. Icarus

VI. Interlude

VII Melting





The following brief “thought bubbles” are exactly that. Like many of our thoughts and ideas, some are dark, some are joyful, and some are purely abstract. “Skies of Smoke” is dedicated to those who lost everything in the fires in Butte County, California. “Mosaic #8” is inspired by a vibrant work by the visual artist Yuka Yamane, who lives in Osaka, Japan. “Breezes” is a tribute to simple moments of peace and quietude which are life’s best moments. “Icarus” deals with the notion of reaching too far, and “Melting” is a contemplation of physical processes happening on our planet.

*2019 ASCAP Young Composer Award Finalist

Daedalus Quartet at UC Davis, Jan 2019

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