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Piano Concerto (2019-20)

ca. 35'



2-2-2-2  /  2-2-3-1 /  2 perc. /  piano solo  /  strings

Audio Demo & Perusal Score below



Today, we find ourselves surrounded by signs of apocalypse. Yet in the midst of suffering and dread, life contains great beauty. The sun on a breezy day, a conversation with a friend. The depth of the ocean and the stars.

1. Tide                                     

2. Ebb and Flow                     

3. Kaguya                                

4. Dreamscape                       

5. Interlude                             

6. Midnight/Crashing Waves

PREMIERE: This piece, written while at UC Davis and probably my most ambitious project, was created for my partner, pianist Sakurako Kanemitsu, but has not yet received a premiere. If you might be interested in a full or partial premiere of the work, please reach out and I would be delighted to chat. The work is an exploration of dream logic, nature, and ecological collapse.

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