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Three Solar Essences (2017)

for flute, clarinet, bass trombone, violin, double bass, piano, percussion*

ca. 15'

Score: $15 

Parts: $5 

Score + Parts: $18


Compared to the Sun, the Earth is about the size of a grain of sand. So where does that leave us humans? Since the planets of our solar system are made of debris from the Sun during its formation (which, in turn, comes from even older stars and gases), we are all technically stardust.


Three characters of our nearest star are presented distinctly in order: power and sheer magnitude, gentle nourishing warmth, and mystic energy. Later, they intermingle and play. 

*percussion instruments 

vibraphone (with motor), glockenspiel, triangle, suspended cymbal, Chinese opera gong, tam-tam (medium), bass drum (medium), little metal chain (for the bass drum), bow for vibes (if available)  .

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